New Handmade Yogurt Shake Brand

Hey Yogurt drinks boast a thick and smooth texture made from a secret formulation using Australia premium dairy. It has placed heavy emphasis on its daily homemade yogurt which contributes to its freshness and fragrance.


With a national diet quality that has improved and continually focusing on healthier options, Hey Yogurt is the perfect dessert drink with options of less carbs and less sugar.


About Us

Our yogurt is first fermented for overnight on premise and then stored in a controlled environment with temperature of 0-5 degrees Celsius. This ensures the taste, quality, and texture remain consistent.


Our Products

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Classic desserts and local fruit delicacies such as Lychee and Pulut Hitam always have a special place in our hearts. Under the ‘Local Special’ series, Hey Yogurt creates locally-inspired drink items.